Wouldn't you agree ...

You're smart, qualified and professional. 

You're also sometimes goofy with a unique personality, but guess what? So are the people wanting to work with you. 

And they want you... actually they need you to show off your brand with all the amazing sides of YOU*. 

It's when you get crystal clear and begin to stand out from the crowd, that they'll know you are THE ONE that they should work with or hire!

*Don't get it twisted, they really don't need to be seeing ALL your crazy :) But you'll tell your story in a way that positions you to WIN!

Why is this important?

Besides being a Brand Alignment Strategist, I also host the #1 interview style podcast exploring stories of today’s successful black professionals. 

I'm pitched weekly by several amazing entrepreneurs, leaders, authors and other 'experts' …

When searching for these individuals on Google, the results are usually boring or just blah.

And it's not just me, other media players have expressed feeling indifferent and not wanting to do more because of this! 

So, what’s holding you back?

The common excuses I've heard for lack of action are: 

  • You have no idea where to get started
  • You don’t have the cash to hire someone to help you

  • You're busy trying to do the actual work that makes you money and pays the bills and you jus